How To Invest with Us

Investing in LendEase Direct MIC is a very simple process. Registered investors, such as those investing their RRSPs and RESPs, must complete the Subscription Agreement after reviewing the most recent Offering Memorandum.

Registered investors, such as those investing their RRSPs, RESPs, LIRA, RRIF and TFSA, must first transfer their registered investment funds to our trustee.

The Steps:

1) Review the Offering Memorandum and Executive Summary

2) Fill out the Subscription Agreement

3) Fill out the Pre Authorized Debit form

For Registered Investments: LendEase accepts registered funds from numerous financial institutions. Please contact us for application forms in order to process fund transfers.

For Non-Registered Investments: Choose Class A, Class B or Class C shares. The cost of each share is $10.00 with a minimum investment of $25,000.00 (Some exceptions may apply). Provide a certified cheque or bank draft to LendEase Direct Mortgage Investment Corporation.

Please send documents to:

LendEase Direct Mortgage Investment Corporation
1801 Harwood Ave N., Unit 5
Ajax, ON L1T 0K8
Attention: Investor Relations
Phone: 416.261.0061 | Fax: 416.261.0063