Mortgage Brokers

An alternative to conventional mortgages

At LendEase Direct, we offer your clients customized and creative mortgage solutions to meet their individual needs. Our underwriters have a detailed understanding of the real estate markets that we lend in and the expertise to select deals that make sense for our portfolio. As such, we focus on approving applications that do not always meet the strict guidelines of a bank or conventional lender. We provide the mortgage broker community with a variety of lending programs, and we value the strong relationships we share with our broker partners. You can be sure that your business will be treated with a high degree of responsiveness, professionalism, and competence when dealing with LendEase Direct.

What We Offer Brokers

  • Same day feedback for all applications submitted
  • We offer pure private or equity lending with post-closing administration
  • Emergency funding available for completed applications received with a full appraisal
  • Flexibility on length of mortgage terms to suit your client’s needs
  • Debt Consolidation, Construction Loans, Renovation Loans, Equity Take-Out, Purchases, Bridge Financing
  • No minimum beacon scores, so your clients can work towards rebuilding their credit


How to Submit a Deal

1. Get in touch with someone at LendEase to determine if your client’s needs aligns with our lending guidelines.

2. Submit the application through Filogix or directly by email to

3. Your application is then underwritten and it is broker complete, the file is completed at the solicitor’s office.