LendEase Direct is a short-term solution for borrowers who do not qualify in the A or B lending space. We follow a ‘common sense’ lending approach, where we lend based on equity rather than a client’s credit score. By offering short term mortgage solutions to borrowers, we aid in the credit recovery, debt consolidation and mortgage qualification process.

Our Mortgage Options Include

  • Extended Amortization
  • Principle & Interest Payments
  • Flexible terms
  • Prepayment plans

We work with Brokers

Deals may be submitted directly to LendEase Direct via or through a licensed mortgage broker.

Verify if your broker is licensed:

  • FSRA, the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario
  • MORTGAGEPROSCAN, Mortgage Professionals Canada

Need more information about mortgage services? Please email for inquiries:

  • Title Changes
  • Payment Changes
  • Discharges
  • Renewals
  • Lump Sum Payments

Note: LendEase mortgage department is available Monday to Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. Please include the property address in the subject line of the email for a quicker response time. Inquiries will be reviewed and responded to within a 24 hour period.